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Certification of English Language Proficiency
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Instructions: This page must be completed by a designated representative of CENET or by a university official before the candidate's application will be processed.  Click here for printing hints.

 I,   (evaluator's name)
 certify that   (applicant's name)
 possesses sufficient English language skills (oral, written and listening) to successfully complete a 
 Training/Internship program with a company in the United States.
 Evaluation scores:
Evaluate candidate on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is very poor English skills and 10 is a near native English skills.  The successful applicant should have a minimum score of 5 in all categories.
Oral (Speaking) Skills:
Written Skills:
  Listening Skills:
 Evaluator Comments:
 This evaluation is based on (please mark all that apply):
Test (specify test):
Academic Records
Evaluator's Title or Position:
Organization or School:
Evaluator's E-mail Address:
Evaluator's Telephone:
Evaluator's Legal Signature: ___________________________________________  Date: ___________
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